First steps 

Start the system 

For a brief moment, the menu is presented with the choice of the kernel - the tips of the names mean:
  • -o3 - kernel for processors supporting the expanded address space - most modern processors belong to this class,
  • -o - kernel for processors not supporting the expanded address space - such as VIA processors or older processors,,
  • -mondo - the kernel specifically designed to perform a complete backup system in order to transfer on other equipment. 

Start services

During the first start, when the network settings are not yet adapted to the specific conditions, certain services may suspend booting for a long while. 



According to the instructions on the welcome screen, log in as root, change the password immediately.
When manual configuration of network setup is needed, use the command mc.


With the help of the Midnight Commander, navigate to the directory /etc/network  to find the file interfaces and open it for editing pressing  F4.

Network setup

The changes made in the network setup can be saved with F2. F10 quits the Midnight Commander.
In order to activate the changes, reload the system with reboot command or by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del.