Ips-Qos, LAN, WAN & Co

Ips-Qos software ver. 1.10... se installed on server provides its resources up to 1190 computers / classes
in LAN or WAN.  Single network interface (usually  ethernet card)  connects the server to LAN or WAN.

requirements for equipment  installed with Ips-Qos systems

  • minimal: PC compatible equipped with "Pentium IV class" processor, 256MB RAM, 8GB HDD.

features of Ips-Qos server

  • supporting IPv6;
  • supporting RAID;
  • individually configurable traffic shaping of registered computers;
  • defining classes: traffic belonging to selected group of servers, computers or services can be classified and maintained separately;
  • static or dynamic traffic shaping;
  • limiting bandwith or number of connections or packets;
  • supporting up to 1190 computers or classes;
  • supporting WiFi and bridging;
  • storing information about sent / received packets;
  • registering traffic load of every computer / class;
  • "live" traffic tracing;
  • reporting load and transfer - present and past;
  • www - administering via internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera).

services provided by Ips-Qos server

  •   mysql, postgres, www, ftp, ssh, sftp, svn, rsync, iscsi, dhcp, files/printers server.