Ips-Qos, LAN, WAN & Co

Ips-Qos software ver. 1.10... se  serving as a router / bridge is able to control up to 1190 computers / classes in LAN.
One or more network interfaces (usually  ethernet cards)  are necessary to connect router to LAN.
One or more (up to 10) nerwork interfaces (usually  ethernet cards) connect router to one or more isp modems/routers. 

requirements for equipment  installed with Ips-Qos systems

  • minimal : PC compatible  with "Pentium III class" processor, 64MB RAM, 2GB HDD;
  • recommended : PC compatible  with "Pentium IV class" processor, 128MB RAM, 4GB HDD;
  • Debian Linux 6.

features of Ips-Qos router / bridge

  • supporting IPv6*;
  • supporting 1, 2 ... up to 10 WANs and multiple LANs;
  • individually configurable traffic shaping of computers in LAN or classes;
  • defining up to 1190 classes: traffic belonging to selected group of servers, computers or services can be classified and maintained separately;
  • supporting most types of  internet connections e.g.: ADSL, DSL, Frame Relay/ATM ( USB modems may need some additional configuration ); 
  • redirecting ports to servers in LAN ( DNAT), supporting SNAT;
  • enabling / disabling: IP and/or MAC addresses; blocking: ports, IP addresses;
  • supporting pppoe authentication;
  • storing information about sent / received packets;
  • registering traffic load of every computer / class;
  • static or dynamic traffic shaping based on CBQ, HTB or HFSC;
  • "live" traffic tracing;
  • reporting load and transfer - present and past;
  • www - administering via internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera);
  • providing services: dns, dhcp, pppoe, ssh, sftp, http(s), rsync, samba;.
  • supporting vpn (pptp, l2tp, ipsec, openvpn);
  • squid (load balancing by multiple WANs)*;
  • supporting "fail over"*;
  • quagga (routing protocols);
  • supporting WiFi.

integrating Ips-Qos with another software 

 Couple of advantages provided by  Linux operating system can be easily added to the functionality of Ips-Qos based router / bridge:    
  •  ftp, mysql, postgres, smtp, ldap, nfs, iscsi, svn.
  * on selected versions